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Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, Inc., formerly Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. and informally known as Disney Parks, is one of The Walt Disney Company's six major business segments and a subsidiary. It was founded on April 1, 1971, exactly six months before the opening of Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida just outside of Orlando, Florida.


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Server (Current Employee) says

"They treat their employees very poorly. I am an in room dining server. They transferred me to a park where they set me up for failure. I pretty much took 10 steps forward and then ended up where I started from. All the way to the bottom. Not a good company"

Crew Chief, American Gardens Theatre, EPCOT (Former Employee) says

"Worst job ever. They care nothing about you. You are just a number. I felt used. You could never complain or they fired you and hired the next person with "pixie dust" in their eyes. Never work here."

Attractions Host (Former Employee) says

"Everyone who works there literally goes right back behind the scenes and makes fun of guests. Very unprofessional. The pay is absolutely ridiculous. Management is useless and hard to get ahold of. They have their “favorites” who get all the love and attention. Cons: Low pay, poor hours, stressful work environment, working with rude people"

Quick Service Food and Beverage$ (Former Employee) says

"Everyone was just so miserable because they were overworked and under appreciated. Lots of drama and no support from the managerial staff. And you were always too tired to actually enjoy the free entries to the park Cons: A lot of trolling going on"

Attractions Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"You are nothing but a warm body holding a spot in that company! They do not care about the well being of their employees! The management is a joke, nothing but kids straight out of school, and don't have a clue how the real world works."

Front Desk Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Job was political to say tge least. Either you are in or out. There is no gray. Premise that was intended left years ago. Happy place, experience happy, promote happy;and we'll provide you with neccessary tools to promote happy-yeah use to be. Ambitions of others, some feeling lack of job security, opportunities to advance to other levels of success and arenas(explore other job roles-lessend based on supervisory vision for there own futures.just to name a few faults). So if you dream of fair honest feel good opportunity to advance as high as you can climb... good luck at WDW. Cons: Health care horrible, mgmt teams don't support staff/crew, demands are unrealistic"

Disneyland resort on the job trainer (Current Employee) says

"For the most part World of Disney loses its magic as guests leave the parks the magic seems to go away. I am transferring back to the parks."

Trainer Heart of House Merchandising (Current Employee) says

"Pay sucks, culture sucks, management sucks, there’s no room for growth unless you throw people under a bus both literally and figuratively."

Plumber/Pipefitter (Former Employee) says

"the company doesn't care about their employees now like they used to back in 1982 they just don't care any more. I used to look forward to coming to work, but not any more/ Cons: it all sucks"

Food & Beverage Cast Member (Former Employee) says

"I was pushed around to different locations for months. If you need any type of extra help you are bullied and pushed out of the company. I had to fight to be at that company before I realized my worth."

Attractions Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The parks and resorts have gone downhill and so has management. This is no longer Walt Disney’s vision he had for his parks. It turned into How much money can we get from the guests."

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"Poor management, the place is a free for all. Also the place promotes poor health. Anyone who passes probation after 90 days will act like they're your boss."

Cleaner (Current Employee) says

"Misleading from the start. No hours and management is terrible. If you like Disney don’t work there it ruins the experience for you. Hated everything about working there. Cons: Everything"

Bartender (Part-time) says

"I’ve been employed by Disney for 7 years and their management ( or lack of it) is the worst I’ve ever seen in my professional career. As a part time employee you are considered a piece of equipment. They may call this the happiest place on earth but definitely not a fun place to work."

Truck Driver Class A (Former Employee) says

"If you are Hispanic no have to many choice all white peoples have all the rights and the health insurance paid what ever they want it. They punish you for the hard work, and not like to give it the chance to grow up lot of favoritism. Cons: Non"

Merchanteer (Former Employee) says

"This is a job if you are in college or in the college program at Disney. They are constantly on your back of the way you should dress, what kind of earrings you should wear , how to wear your makeup, and how to style your hair. And on top of that you have to act like a child because that's who they cater to. They care more about their guests than they do their employees. Cons: Management"

Pool Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"mangers dont care they just want the job done and when u explain they get nasty mangers dont care had 1 mgr that cared and their security is a joke not fun"

Park Greeter (Former Employee) says

"Management has their favorite employees (Leads) and if you happen to say the wrong thing to the Lead, they will report you to the manager, and it goes on your work record as a negative mark that can eventually get you terminated. The work environment is stressful, discriminatory and marked with very poor management. Cons: prejudiced and genderly-bigoted co-workers"

Reservation Sales Agent (Former Employee) says

"a good place if not dependent on the hours or hourly pay. Be aware that if placed in a role and you intend to transfer department, you do loose all seniority"


"Do not work for this company. In addition to no work life balance, unrelenting micro management, and complete lack of logical processes, the buildings in Florida are rampant with toxic mold. Became so ill, raised concerns, and was let go. You will get sick if you work in their buildings. Still dealing with neurological and gastrointestinal health issues. Cons: Lack of innovation, terrible work conditions, no real understanding of agile scrum, employees severely micro managed"

Former Employee - Concierge says

"I worked at Disney Parks full-time for more than a year Cons: Everything else was very horrible"

Former Employee - Payment Analyst says

"I worked at Disney Parks full-time for more than a year Cons: Nothing to say. There are not cons."

Former Employee - Cast Member - Part Time says

"I worked at Disney Parks part-time for more than 5 years Cons: lack of days to go to disneyland because they blocked you out"

Former Employee - Host/Hostess says

"I worked at Disney Parks full-time for less than a year Cons: -Work all holidays with no holiday pay -Average week hours worked 50 -Hard to switch shifts or get days off -Unprofessional management and coworkers -Rude guests/customers -No overtime pay -Rude and intimidating senior management -Disney could care less about employees -Terrible values, and coworkers will push you down to get ahead -Got cut badly because of improper training, wouldn't let me get stitches and still made me complete my shift."

Former Employee - Host says

"I worked at Disney Parks full-time Cons: Everything was horrible they treat u like dogs"

Former Employee - Web Content Writer says

"I worked at Disney Parks full-time Cons: Paid next to nothing for too much work"


"I worked at Disney Parks Cons: Management here has become absolutely terrible and incompetent. Marketing department in Orlando was great 10 years ago — now it’s like a high school clique. Both Bobs at the top have created a culture of narcissism and intimidation. Glad I’m at a great company now."

Former Employee - Receptionist says

"I worked at Disney Parks full-time Cons: Over worked long hours weekends"

Former Employee - Reservation Sales Agent says

"I worked at Disney Parks full-time for more than 5 years Cons: I was making more money 5 years ago doing the same job. That is even with a $2.00 pay raise last year. I use to bring home $2500.00 every month in incentives now I am lucky to break $200.00. Quality Monitoring and Metrics keep changing so to make it that people have problems passing so many of them. If you do work for the company just remember you are ONLY a PER#."

Former Employee - Attractions says

"I worked at Disney Parks full-time for more than 3 years Cons: A multi-national, multi-billion dollar company that pays very little in taxes cannot be bothered to treat employees like human beings. You don't move up unless you suck up. They don't care that you don't have enough hours. They don't care that you don't get paid enough. They don't care if you and your family have to live in a rundown motel to make ends meet."